VVA Chapter 993 Mesquite, Nevada.

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 993 in Mesquite, Nevada.

  • Dennis Lynch says:

    Here is a brief (sort of) history of the Mesquite Veterans Building.

    “A Building Serving Those Who Served”

    A home away from home, veterans of all persuasions can spend 10 minutes or an hour at The Mesquite Veterans Center and find Comradeship, Fellowship and lots of great activities. In the beginning, on a “house hunting trip” to Las Vegas, Ed Fizer, Dennis and Cindy Lynch, Al Litman and a handful of other VVA members, located a gem of a building once used as a sales office and model condo display. The building is composed of five 12 X 60 modules. Two golf tournaments at Wolf Creek headed by Dennis and Cindy Lynch provided the down payment for the building purchase and started a flood of other donations. Sun City Mesquite continues to lead the way in donations. A benefit concert headed up by Phyllis Litman and Fran Armstrong at the CasaBlanca Resort provided the funds to help renovate the building. The center continues to operate through donations and fundraisers and receives no government money.

    The building is owned and managed by a 501 (c) (3) corporation with a board of directors represented by the veteran military organizations occupying office space. It has a fifty-year land lease with the City of Mesquite which provided them with an ideal location on Hafen lane and Riverside. The site also provided nearly unlimited parking and excellent visibility.

    Under the direction of Ed Fizer, who was the original inspiration for the Center, and with the help of countless volunteers, the building was refurbished and remodeled in a mater of months. With the generous donation of another community member, the mortgage was paid off in the first year.

    The Mesquite Veterans Center is unique in that it not only houses a Veterans Service Officer, but all four local military organizations; the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Vietnam Veterans of America. New in 2012, the Veterans of Modern Warfare may also use this building to hold regular meetings and events.

    The Center at 840 Hafen Lane in Mesquite, is equipped to allow community groups and residents to use the building on request for meetings as well as private events. Call the building President Cliff Jenkins at 346-2735 to schedule your event. The Veterans Service Officer, Jim Brown, can be contacted at 702-345-3361 and the building itself at 702-346-2735.

    Building memorabilia may be purchased from Steve Tragale at the MVC Store or call Steve to make an appointment at 702-427-4147. The MVC Store carries logo hats and “T”s as well as other patriotic memorabilia.

    Currently, (Summer of 2013) the center is staffed by volunteers and is open Monday through Friday from 9 to 3 PM. Monday night pot luck dinners are held the second Monday of non-Summer months. Bingo is planned for the third Thursday of every month at 6 PM.